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Volkl Mantra M6

The new Volkl M6 Mantra features Völkl’s Tailored Titanal Frame, an improvement over the proven Titanal Frame construction from their predecessors. In contrast to the original design, the width of the top layer of titanal varies depending on the length of the ski. The tailored sections consist of 0.7 mm thick titanal frames above the sidewalls inthe tip and tail areas. With this construction, the amount of titanal, and its corresponding damping and torsional flex, is tailored to the skier’s height and weight depending on the length of the ski - in the longer lengths there is more metal,increasing torsional stiffness, power transmission and damping for larger, heavier skiers. The shorter the length, the less titanal is used, making the ski softer and more maneuverable so that smaller and lighter skiers can take full advantage of the added performance. In the binding area, a thinner titanal section with a thickness of only 0.3 mm creates enough integrity for binding retention while allowing a softer flex in the mid-body. The result is a truly incredible blend of stability and liveliness.
Features:Sidecut: 135/96/119
Turn Radius: 30/17/24 meters at 177 cm Length
Multi-Layer Wood Core
Tailored Titanal Frame
Tailored Carbon Tip
3D Radius Sidecut
Tip and Tail Rocker