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Season Tuning Pass

Willi's Season Tuning Pass 

Willi's Season Tuning Pass is a season pass for your skis/snowboard and provides unlimited hot waxing, Edge & Wax Tune-Ups and Stone Finishes with our state of the art Montana robotic tuning machines. 

The base Season Tuning Pass gives you unlimited Stone Grinds (cross hatch pattern), Edge and Waxes or Hot Waxes for one pair of skis or a snowboard throughout the entire season at any Willi's location. 

The base Junior Season Tuning Pass is for skis size 140 centimeters and under and Snowboard less than 130 cm.  (Infrared Waxing upgrade available for $15 per session)

The Performance Season Tuning Pass gives everything that the base pass has and adds unlimited Stone Grinds with any Grinding pattern you wish. The Performance Tuning Pass also upgrades the waxing to unlimited Infrared Race Waxes for one pair of skis or a snowboard throughout the eiter season at any Willi's location.

All P-Tex and base repair are extra. Pricing is determine by the damage 



Willi’s award-winning backshop specializes in keeping each customer’s skis running at their peak performance. Whether you’re new to skiing or at a racing level, we have the expertise and equipment to help you have the best on-snow experience possible. Willi’s  introduced the latest addition to our cutting-edge backshop tuning technologies: The Montana Challenger tuning machine at our 7 Springs location in 2021 and our Montana Crystal Rock in our City locations.

With our Montana machines, along with the expertise and experience of our hard-working staff, Willi’s provides the best ski and snowboard services available. Come in and see what the Willi’s Team can do for you and your gear today.

Montana Crystal Glide Advantages

  • Precision and Consistent grinds from tip to tail.

  • Automatic stone grinding with pressure curve for skis or snowboards for the best gilding structure  

  • Racing ski mode with computer-controlled speed curve

  • Double-sided edge grinding for the most consistent finish in the industry

  • Infinitely variable speed adjustment for the side edges

  • Base-beveling High-Tech Tuning (HTT) 

  • Radial tuning for the smoothest, cleanest edge possible. 

  • 3D Stone Dressing allows the Technicians to select the best possible grind for the current snow textures


Infrared Waxing

Infrared Waxing has long been standard of the World Cup race rooms in Europe. Willi’s now adds The Montana infared Race Waxer to our back shop capabilities. Infrared lights heat and turn the base into its own heating element and allow the base material to open more to to get much deeper wax penetration without the inherent damage that comes from a hot iron contacting the base of the ski or snowboard.