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GripWalk Sole Technology


Ski boots simply weren’t made for walking. We've all been there – when it's just a short walk over icy, snowy or slushy sections. GripWalk soles will put an end to sliding. Built with a copolymer rubber material, the convex rib delivers outstanding walking comfort and superb grip on slippery surfaces. The curved profile ensures natural rolling properties and increased walking comfort while the rubber grip profile provides the traction you need to stop sliding before it begins.

gripwalk-4.pngWhat is GripWalk?

GripWalk is a new standard for the boot soles and bindings. The GripWalk soles have a  rubber grip pattern designed for walking combined with a harder surface that interfaces with compatible bindings.

GripWalk bindings are different from the classic alpine bindings. All GripWalk compatible alpine ski bindings have an angled AFD glide plate that contacts the hard part of the front sole and ensures excellent energy transfer to the ski.

Advantages of GripWalk

The crucial advantage of GripWalk soles is shown when you walk a few steps. Often enough, the path from the gondola to the car, the stairs down to the toilets or the few steps to the beer during Apres-Ski are a real breakneck danger. Especially when you have to cross icy areas, the slippery and stiff heel plates of classic alpine shoes make it risky.gripwalk-2.png

With the new GripWalk soles you have a much better grip on smooth or sloping grounds thanks to the softer and ribbed foot surfaces. In addition, with the GripWalk sole, you don't have to walk around awkwardly, as with the old soles, because of the raised front plate, rather you can walk around like wearing normal street shoes.e.

Compatibility of ski boots and bindings

Older Equipement is a small disadvantage: Boots with the new GripWalk soles are not compatible with the old alpine bindings. Grip Walk boot soles will only work with Gripwalk compatible bindings.

Most ski boots can be retrofitted with standard DIN Soles. If you have new GripWalk boots, you should make sure that they are equipped with a GripWalk compatible binding skiing.