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Blister Information

"We love great shops. We hang out in them, we’ve worked in them, we depend on them, and the best ones do a few key things:

(1) They welcome beginners and help them grow their passion for the sport — we’re not into shops that talk down to or discourage those looking to get started.

(2) They are ready to take care of diehards and experts, too. This rules out a lot of shops that are staffed by people who aren’t very knowledgeable or passionate about the equipment they’re servicing or selling.

BLISTER Shops are a collection of the best service–oriented shops in the world. These are the places we trust most in a given locale to work on our boots, to wrench on our bikes, to tune our skis, and to recommend the right equipment. It’s not to say that there aren’t some other great shops out there, but these are the ones we can and will vouch for."

-Blister Review

Blister believed that we fit the bill to become one of their recommened shops. Willi's could not be more proud to be on said list. We think the culture that Blister is looking for in a shop is exactly what we hope to provide the industry with. Blisters level of depth is something that anyone can appreciate. Their clear, in-depth and honest reviews will make you want MORE. No matter what your ability level or your prefered way of sliding on snow, we are here to make sure that you have the right gear and knowledge to make snowsports a lifelong passion.

Click the picture above to listen to an interview Blister did with our President Greg Klein

Blister's incredibly in-depth and beautiful Gear guide will be in all store locations by Mid-November. Drop us a chat to put your name on one!

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