Summer Ski and Snowboard Storage

Summer Gear Storage

We hope you all had a great season on the snow, but before we trade our ski gear for flip flops, let’s get those skis and boards ready to be properly stored for the summer.

During the season, and especially during the last days on the hill, your ski and snowboard bases will pick up a lot of pollutants.  Dirt, oils, and chemicals will find there way into your bases, and we want to get that cleaned out before storage. We recommend using a base cleaning solution to clean the bases.  Thoroughly wipe the bases down, tip to tail.  Allow to dry.


It’s a good idea to apply a heavy coat of summer wax to the bases.  Liberally iron on wax, making sure to get some coverage on the metal edges, and don’t scrape it off.  The wax will help protect against moisture, which promotes oxidization and rust.


Store your skis and snowboards in a cool, dry location, out of the reach of sunlight.

 As the weather starts to cool off, and we approach the ski season, bring your skis into one of our four Performance Tuning Shops for a fresh tune.  Our Shop Technicians will be anxiously waiting to put a world class tune on your skis and snowboards to get you ready for another great season on snow!

– Jordan Ritchie

Operations Manger

Master Technician

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