Willi’s is proud to offer a variety of professional services that cater to the individual needs of skiers and snowboarders. From high performance ski and board tuning through custom boot fitting, we specialize in making sure your gear is always functioning at an optimum level!

Don’t forget about the kids either, Willi’s Junior Buy Back Program allows growing kids to have gear that truly fits!

For more information about any of our services, follow the links below.

Experience a skis journey through a full tune at Willi’s Ski and Snowboards.

Watch our backshop clean and prep a pair of Head Titans skis for start to finish.

Willi’s uses a Wintersteiger Omega Race SBI for the best Stone grind and cleanest structure . The ski then passes through our Reichmann DTS-U Pro. Willi’s is able to combine the sharpness of a Ceramic Cup grind with the smooth clean feel of a Radial Diamond polish.

We Guarantee the Fit of Every Boot We Sell

Willi’s has decades of Boot Fitting experience. We specialize in fitting our customers in a thorough and patient manner. Ski and Snowboard Boots are the single most important component of your setup, and it’s worth spending extra time and energy to get the right boot with the right fit. Your boots are your only way of translating your body’s intentions to your skis or snowboard, so a precise fit is important for control and performance. By the same token, ski boot shells are made of hard plastic and snowboard boots of stiff leather or man-made materials – so conflicts between the shape of your feet and the shape of your boots can cause fit problems. The goal in boot fitting is to find a size and shape that you’ll be comfortable in without compromising performance. We do a careful analysis of your feet to determine what is an appropriate boot selection for you. Willi’s offer a fit guarantee on our boots and our prices are competitive.