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The start of the 2013-14 season may be coming faster than you think.  Long range forecasts show some wicked weather hitting our region as we happen to sit right on the border of two different, wicked-weather patterns.  This morning's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article points out that not everyone agrees with this 'woeful' winter prediction but it's what we are going with!

The question is, how do we make the most of this potentially wonderful winter?  First and foremost is to be prepared.  There is nothing worse that having the first big storm when nothing is ready to go for the season.  preparation can be easy and it is a fun way to feed your passion when you can't actually get on the slopes.

There are two primary considerations when preparing for the season; they are your equipment and your apparel.  It is a good idea to get your skis and snowboards in to the shop well before the snow hits to ensure your stuff is ready when the slopes open.  While our techs work double time to get everything we take in done in time to enjoy the first snowfall, you are still better off to get in and get them done now so there is no rushing around at the last-minute.

Skis and boards should be fully tuned and ready to go for the start of the season.  Sometimes rust builds up on the edges over the summer and pre-season is a great time to make sure your bases are well waxed and in good repair.  Bindings should be checked and you should take a moment to insure that boots fit properly and are in good condition.

Apparel is easy to care for at home.  Most ski and snowboard apparel is designed to be laundered at home using a sport-specific tech wash.  Follow the laundering instructions on the garment and do not dry clean any waterproof/breathable fabrics - it will strip the waterproofing and damage the delicate coatings and membranes.

Once your equipment is tuned and your apparel laundered, you are ready for the slopes to open!  The last piece is for those of you who intend to get a ski pass - you don't want to wait until the morning the slopes first open to get your pass or you will be waiting in the long line at the pass office rather than the short line to the lift!  It will be well worth the time to head up to the mountain to enjoy some of the autumn festivities and get your pass in person!